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This wiki is meant to be a detailed Users Manual for FireFight the World War Two small-unit combat simulation, published by Sean O'Connor's .

It is meant to describe it "as it is" so players can get reasonable results ASP. The WishList page is where desired features are described.

Adding and modifying content.

This is an open wiki. If you are a registerd wikispaces useryou will be able to create new pages on this wiki. Otherwise you can only modify existing pages. It is very easy to register. Just click the "join" button at the top right of this page. You will need a username, a password and a valid email address. You can use the "AA_put stuff here" or "Raw text" pages if you like.


This is an effective type of fire support, but it does have drawbacks.

HeadQuarters (HQ).

There is a HQ of 4 men. It controls all subunits, by a notional radio link. Sub-units must have a line-of-sight to the HQ. Se the Radio Page.


Rapid response indirect Fire Support.

Small Arms

The characteristics of small-arms (HMGs, LMGs, rifles, carbines, sub-machine guns (SMGs) are the same across all nationalities. For example the american semi-auto Garand rifle behaves the same as all others, though they are bolt-action.


Modifying Units

Instructions needed.

Wish List

Features players would like to have.

Content so far is developed from raw text pinched from the forum, kept on the RawText Page. Cut and pasted from my Notepad file FF_posts.txt. Remember to turn Off Word-wrap before copying.
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